Underwater || By Prattler


You can barely see·

Your eyes get blurry

And pain begins to state its presence,

Signalling it is time to shut them tight

Resurface and let them «breathe».



You can barely hear·

And as you dive deeper and deeper

The more it hurts, the more it craves

To weaken the pressure,

To resurface and let them «breathe».



You can not breathe·

You can only hold your precious air

Enslaved within your lungs, just as you are, in the watery grave

Letting it out,out of need, until there is nothing, while the nature herself invervenes, pushing you-forcing you- up

To resurface and let you live.



You slowly die·

Your heart beats slower·

Your moves are slowed down by the water-shaped oppressor·

Your brain instictively forces you to choose flight, because you can not fight

And resurface, so you can breathe.



We are doomed to die·

Yet, underwater

Are we forced to «live»·

And everytime we seek the precious air,

Something is always there·

A smoke bomb, a baton, a rubber bullet, chains and cuffs·

A coney hat, religious symbol, a swastika, the army and the cops·

The alpha males who think inequality is just·

The media that terrify and manipulate the mass·

The economy’s invisible hand·

The 1% that rules this land.


Can you see?

Oh, can’t you see?

We live underwater, yet above the sea·

The air is red, the air is sick

And we struggle, with fire, for some fresh air to seek·

Let the fire become a blaze,

So we can finally breathe.

Featured Image: Minneapolis is set ablaze during the Riots following the murder of George Floyd.

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