There is no such thing like a dinner with nothing
but chatter;
Viler happenings fill those crowded halls
of any rich man’s mansion, instead.
Because when gluttony is quenched
with the roast flesh of lowly beings,
the virtues of lust haunt with their moans
the Red Silk Carpets.

Because when their hearts desire, nudity becomes the instrument
of night’s orchestra
and as they entwine
they form the most exalting chord
Sin and lust and harlotry have replaced all piety
…for the praise of their lord
But no, no
Why would any of them become such a thing
as Christian?
Why would they, when they can gather in rituals
with women and men alike
with the heavenly melodies of Mozart’s works
drinking the wine poured
upon each other’s breasts
sniffing cocaine as much as they breathe.

As they lay there drunken and stoned
waiting for their life before due time to end
They take one last glimpse to what
they are born and die for;
the instincts of their nature.


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